Karl is helping men overcome a very powerful addiction that is sweeping the nation at epic proportions... 

Since 2019 and into today...



Faced with the harm he caused others with his porn addiction, he has made great efforts to recover and is helping others who are seeking recovery

Karl donated his time, energy, expertise, compassion, and genuine empathy to help other men to succeed in their own recovery journey, through an addiction recovery program called Leap of Courage, which specializes in helping men overcome pornography addiction. His ongoing contributions, beginning in 2019, have really helped other men to overcome this nightmare of an addition. 

Did you know that neuroscience shows that porn addiction can be equally or more damaging as hard drugs. it's a miracle when men (and women) are able to recovery from it. 

Did you know that the average age of pornography exposure is 9-11 years old. An alarming number of children, teenagers, and men of all ages are addicted to the same level as a coke addict is to cocaine. 

-Jessica Jordan (Creator of Leap of Courage) 

These are his words to all the men who go through the Leap of Courage program

"I am a former professor, with 70 peer-reviewed scientific papers. I was also a porn addict. It started innocently enough, with occasional internet sessions, but after 15 years, it had escalated to criminal behavior. I filmed a woman in the shower, without her knowledge. I am so horrified by this, and deeply sorry for all the people I hurt, including this brave young woman, who had the courage to press charges. That put an end to it. It also put an end to my 23-year marriage, my job, and my home. I was even homeless for a short time until a friend recommended that I use my writing skills to work as an editor. That is how I came to work at “Leap of Courage”. I thought of myself as a decent person, with strong self-control. I cared deeply about people, including all those that I hurt. I am not the victim here though, and there was nothing unjust about the things I lost. The shock of it all drives me to try to give back. It seems strange that I did not recognize what was happening to me, but I didn’t. You too, may not recognize what could be happening to you. It creeps up on you, slowly, over years. Each day is nearly identical to the one before, but tiny incremental changes are occurring to your brain. Years later, you may find yourself unable to control your impulses, betraying your most basic ideals, as I did. I hope you don’t. Leap of Courage can help. In helping others, I hope to help myself regain some of the self-respect that I lost. I hope to add my critical scientific insights to the program to the expert team already in place. Although I don’t deny the power of some people’s connection to the spiritual, I prefer evidence-based treatment. I will be reading, reporting, and sharing my research with you."

More About Karl

Karl is the Scientific Editor for Leap of Courage. He double and triple checks to make sure that all the science is totally up to date and that the material can be easily understood and relatable. He once held a prestigious position as a scientific researcher and professor at UC Davis. Even though he was amazing at his career for decades, he lost it all due to his pornography addiction. His addiction had led to illegal activity and he has been slowly rebuilding his life. Leap of Courage is lucky to have Karl on the team. His expertise in the world of science and his compassion to help others recover from pornography addiction are highly valuable and commendable. 

While Leap of Courage has HUGE opportunity for you to add as much of a spiritual component as you would like (or none at all if that's your style), Karl takes a purely scientific approach. 

I (Jessica), personally use a solid blend of both. You can personalize it to fit your needs in that way. 

By the way, Karl has 70 peer-reviewed scientific publications. For those of you that don't' know how much of an enormous undertaking that is, it's enormous. Even getting one published is a pretty big deal with the enormous amount of work that goes into it.  

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