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Did you know that neuroscience shows us that pornography can be equally or more addictive as cocaine, yet can be even more difficult to quit without the proper help?

It's like walking around with free cocaine in your pocket while trying to break free from it. The reality is that porn is free and easy to access at any moment. 

Full support is 100% available to you, starting when you have the courage to ask for help. 

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The program's scientific editor is a recovered porn addict

"I am a former professor, with 70 peer-reviewed publications. I was also a porn addict. It started innocently enough, with occasional internet sessions, but after 15 years, it had escalated to criminal behavior. I filmed a woman in the shower without her knowledge. I am so horrified by this, and deeply sorry for all the people I hurt, including this brave young woman who had the courage to press charges. That put an end to my 23-year marriage, my job, and my home. I was even homeless for a short time, until a friend recommended that I use my writing skills to work as an editor. That's how I came to work at "Leap of Courage". I thought of myself as a decent person, with strong self-control. I cared deeply about people, including all those that I hurt. 

Leap of Courage can help. In helping others, I hope to help myself regain some of the self-respect that I lost. I add my critical scientific insights to the program to the expert team already in place. Although I don't deny the power of some people's connection to the spiritual, I prefer evidence-based treatment. This program has both."


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