The Complete Checklist of what to look for when choosing your addiction recovery program

Which one is most surprising to you? 

Which one do you find the most valuable? 

✅ Focuses on trauma recovery

Addiction is a symptom of unresolved trauma. 

Focusing on only discipline and support groups won't allow for the subconscious shifts to take place that are required for healing.

Tap HERE to learn more in the video.

Most people with trauma don't know they have it. It's where our insecurities come from.

Any course that doesn't teach this has no real understanding of addiction, and therefore no real understanding of your recovery needs.

✅ Has a simple process

You need to be able to know what to do and how to do it.

If you don't have clarity, then you won't take action.

Check out this example HERE. (The 3 Ds to recovery for any addiction/trauma)

 ✅ Addresses other addictions that you come to the program with, otherwise you will quit one addiction and fuel the others

Without addressing addiction holistically, someone will just engage in "addiction switching" or "Dopamine Switching". It's like playing Addiction Wack-o-mole! 

It needs to be treated holistically (by addressing the the root causes)

✅ The option for 1-1 coaching if you need it

There is tremendous power in a group setting, but sometimes you want occasional 1-1 support.

(You don't want to lean too heavy on this, because you will become dependent on it)

✅ Has the option for group coaching sessions, such as in Zoom

Your recovery is accelerated when you hear the questions being asked by other members in the group. 

You get answers you didn't even know you needed in group settings, and feel supported and not alone. 

You also get to hear wins, which activates a part of your brain to help you know it's possible for you too!

✅ A safe online community platform where you can post any time of day/night and feel connected to the group to support you

Ideally this will be outside of facebook since many people have social media addictions and because it has too many distractions there that lead to a domino effect of relapse. 

✅ Focuses on teaching you how to make subconscious shifts so that the changes last

Most programs don't know how to focus on this, so be careful. Look for someone who is trained in NLP at the practitioner level or above.

✅ Has an in depth, comprehensive online course that easily teaches you all the science, psychology, and strategies in order to understand yourself deeply enough to heal and recover

And it needs to be an online course that has new content as new research on addiction recovery is available.

You need to be able to access the content anytime you need to, and to revisit the content when necessary.

This is where you will get most of your valuable information. 

Most people think they get most of their information from support groups and coaching calls. This is false. You go to those to get coaching on what you have learned and implemented from the course.

You will get significantly farther with your results this way.

Aim for a course that has at least 30-40 hours of content or more for it to be comprehensive. 

✅ Don't get too much in your head about it. Lean into your intuition. 

This can be tricky because your subconscious mind, where the addiction "lives", is going to try to prevent you from taking action towards change.

This is why you will likely have some anxiety when finding the right program and saying YES to it. That's just your subconscious mind trying to talk you out of it. 

The more you know it will work, the more anxious you might feel. This is because your subconscious mind is "protesting" and detects upcoming changes as a result of your decision towards recovery.

This is also why it is a very brave decision when you do say YES to a solution. 

It's easy to say you are going to change when you don't have to make a challenging decision in that moment. The real test is the moment you are presented with a decision. 

The most important decisions are the ones that are the most difficult to commit to. 

  Has a 100% full refund policy if you go through the program and you are not satisfied

If the program does not offer this, then they are not confident in what they are delivering to you.

If they don't have full confidence in what they deliver to you, then you can't have full confidence that they will deliver what you are looking for.

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