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Who is Jessica Jordan?

Creator of Leap of Courage: Porn Addiction Recovery Program for Men

Watch the video to learn why I am both qualified AND inspired to help you overcome this problem.

I recorded this several years ago and its still a favorite of my clients!





A little bit about more about me: 

I, Jessica Jordan have had specialized training to be come a behavioral change expert and coach, including being a certified NLP Practitioner. This means I am specialized in working with the subconscious mind to help you make rapid and lasting changes, as you recover and upgrade your neurology.

I also used to work with teenagers recovering from addiction. I would take them on 49-day wilderness therapy trips in the remote Alaskan wilderness as part of their addiction recovery. This was with an organization called Alaska Crossings. (Backpacking/ocean kayaking) 


I also took a 12-month health coaching course in 2018 with over 800 hours invested. We covered all areas of physical and emotional health/wellbeing, including practical strategies/tools to use for healing/empowerment plus the art of coaching. 

I'm also a former wildlife biologist and got my degree at Humboldt Sate University in the Biological Sciences. (Now I focus on the neuro-biological sciences) That education taught me HOW to properly teach myself and dig deep into the scientific literature of neurobiology and learning all about the brain/mind so that I could heal myself and go on to help others. 

Fun Fact: The brain is the physical structure. The mind is the brain in operation. The mind is what the brain "does". As the physical structure changes, so does its function. You can learn to be in control of that. 


I was also featured in the famous Broken Brain Documentary Series that has helped many people. I was featured in the trauma episode, as I had recovered from a neurological brain trauma that gave me Hypersexuality Disorder and the brain of an addict, severe PTSD, and a nickel-sized lesion in the left front lobe of my brain. I had to take 2 years off of work to recover, but the journey was about 5 years long.

This picture below is of me celebrating a couple years later with a full recovery. I recovered due to the knowledge and understanding I gained of how the brain works (especially the subconscious mind) and how to rewire the brain back to a healthy, thriving place. 🧠❤️